Jellyroll performing live at the 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show BlackTie Gala.

Jellyroll's prestigious resume and energetic performances make them a highlight of any Gala. Jellyroll performed at The White House Congressional Ball, and earned rave reviews from the attendees. Performing at Madison Square Garden with great success is also one of Jellyroll's biggest accomplishments. Having been selected as the lead performance for the Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Gala for six years, Jellyroll is sure to entertain and enthuse any audience with their fun renditions of classic and contemporary songs. Performing at over dozen Galas each year, Jellyroll is sure to make you get up and dance.

Midnight Hour

Midnight Hour video from their set at West Chester University.

With over 20 years of experience, Midnight Hour is sure to explore every musical genre with ease, and entertain all ages. From classics like Louis Armstrong, to high energy contemporary tunes, Midnight hour will keep the energy up and the audience on their feet. With rave reviews from past weddings and Galas alike, Midnight Hour will be sure to keep you dancing until the midnight hour.


Footage from Contagious performing at the For Pete's Sake Gala in 2013.

With incredible rhythms and explosive energy, Contagious is sure to rock any party. Their showmanship is just as amazing as their melodies and song performances. Band leader James "Doc" White keeps the show going, and the audience grooving. Their high energy is sure to rub off on any audience, and keep them dancing all night. With multiple events and Galas under their belt, Contagious is the right band for any event.

City Rhythm

City Rhythm song compilation from most recent Sound Stage video.

City Rhythm not only has a dedicated following in the United States, they do in Italy as well! Traveling every summer all over Italy, City Rhythm entertains while listeners enjoy touring wine vineyards and Italy's most beautiful hot spots. City Rhythm is the perfect band to entertain at any Gala or venue, promising extraordinary music and entertainment for everyone. 

Big Ric Rising

Big Ric Rising Sound Stage performance.

With entertaining and interactive performances, Big Ric Rising has been wowing audiences for more than 15 years. Performing at multiple weddings and Galas, Big Ric makes the audience laugh while dancing the night away with fun and energetic music. For any Gala or special event, Big Ric Rising will keep the party going.


Back2Life performing at Ardmore Music Hall in early 2014.

Stylish and sophisticated, Back2Life keeps audiences dancing with their diverse repertoire of music. From Jazz, to funk to R&B, this sensational 8 piece ensemble and occasional 3 piece acoustic trio, brings the house down every time. Back2Life recently played at the Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Gala, and had audience members up on their feet dancing. Back2Life will be sure to play music any audience will enjoy and dance to.


Strangers at FOX 29 Salute the Troops Event in Old City.

Strangers is well known for their unique style and ability to play any genre, even swing! This fun band recently played at the Flyer’s Wives Carnival, and kept the dancing going during the whole event. Strangers has been playing for four years at one of the most popular events in the Philadelphia area, "The Lemon Ball" for Alex's Lemonade stand. One of the hottest Philadelphia dance bands, Strangers will keep the music going all night long.

All About Me

2014 Ardmore Music Hall performance by All About Me.

All About Me is an unbelievable 10 piece dance band consisting of all professional and full time musicians. With members who have recorded with the likes of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez, All About Me delivers a performance that is as entertaining as it is fun. The band brings an enjoyable and youthful vibe to all of the events, and involves the members of the audience to ensure they have a blast. All About Me will make you want to dance!

Sid Miller Dance Band

Footage from Sid Miller Dance Band performing at the Attic Youth Center gala in 2013.

Sid Miller Dance Band is not only a favorite at every Gala they perform, they also rocked superstar Tina Fey's wedding! This twelve piece band has high energy and electrifying performances that will leave audiences dancing well into the night. Sid Miller also had the honor of performing for former President George W. Bush, and multiple state senators. With their fun renditions of 50's classics, as well as contemporary hits, Sid Miller Dance Band will entertain any audience.